Did Beyonce Flash the Illuminati Sign?

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Did Beyonce Flash the Illuminati Sign?

Pop star Beyoncé Knowles gave a fabulous performance during the Super Bowl half-time show at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. But, viewers noticed a sign she made while the theater on stage, indicating she could she be

flashed an unmistakable symbol during her sexy half-time show. Yep, Beyonce's in the Illuminati. It's all over, people. We're toast. (Or, maybe she was just doing the Roc-A-Fella records sign that pretty much everyone else does but Illuminati is

We all know Beyoncé and Jay-Z and members of the Illuminati, that global network of special (rich) empowered people whose actions dictate the course of events throughout the entire world. With her 12-minute song and

Oh, sure, maybe you thought the real scandal about Beyoncé's halftime show was all the gyrating and unladylike whorish dressing and near-hoo-ha hand motions, but that is because you are shallow. Yes we will say it.

Just after she officially closed her presidential inauguration drama confirming that she did in fact lip-sync to a pre-recorded version of herself singing the National Anthem, another controversy is following Beyoncé after her

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