Julius Richard Petri: Google Doodle honours Petri dish inventor

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Julius Richard Petri: Google Doodle honours Petri dish inventor

Whether you're a microbiologist or have never donned a white lab coat in your life, you'll appreciate Google's latest doodle designed to celebrate what would have been Julius Richard Petri's 161st birthday with a

That is why, in the wider world beyond the lab, Robert Bunsen's name burns so bright. And if anyone understands the conditions for how our culture behaves (and mutates), it's Julius Richard Petri. For Petri, immortality is a dish best served with his

Google turned its homepage into a living petri dish today in honor of the 161st birthday of Julius Richard Petri, the German microbiologist who developed the technology. Google.com currently features six petri dishes colored to match the search giant's

Today's Doodle represents the latter, and is celebrating the 161st birthday of the inventor of the Petri dish, Julius Richard Petri. Rather than some stoic science scene, though, Google went down a more interesting route.

Google Doodle, in its ongoing quest to educate the world, today celebrates what would have been the 160th birthday of bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri, who is credited with inventing the Petri dish.

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