'The Last of Us' is the Best of Gaming

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'The Last of Us' is the Best of Gaming

Naughty Dog throws out its own rule book and challenges players to survive a harrowing but thrilling journey through a world forever changed by death and destruction.

We venture into what might be the last days of the PS3 but it seems to be going out with a bangor stomp.

Thanks to our intrepid commenters, we've got today's new release, game of the year contender, and all around awesome title The Last of Us for $45, a full $15 bucks off its MSRP. You'll be getting it through eBay, but the seller 

Trekking through the world of The Last of Us is a depressing one, especially for both Joel and Ellie. As you go through the areas in the game, Ellie will try to cheer up Joel by telling him some jokes. Those who are looking for a quick laugh, getting

Developed by Naughty Dog, the studio behind the much-acclaimed Uncharted series, “The Last of Us” is a PlayStation 3 game set 20 years into a post-apocalyptic future when an outbreak has decimated the population of the United States and left cities 

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