Long line of fierce thunderstorms could spawn derecho

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Long line of fierce thunderstorms could spawn derecho

There is an infrequent type of thunderstorm-related windstorm called a derecho (dare RAY show) which causes very high winds and damage over many tens or hundreds of miles. The last one to occur in the United States was

According to Dr. Forbes, because of the widespread nature of the winds in a derecho, the impact is somewhat like that of a landfalling hurricane, and affects a much greater area than most tornadoes. The extensive swath of downed trees and power lines

The Weather Channel posted two videos warning of severe thunderstorms along with scattered tornadoes and even a derecho developing this afternoon and evening. Here's the first: Possible Storms & Tornadoes Wednesday

If you recall, last year around this time, a Derecho developed along the same latitude that storms will fire up late tomorrow afternoon and evening. Due to their uncertain and progressive nature driven by changes in the storm

About a year ago the D.C. metro area got slammed with straight line winds of tornadic force. We learned a new word – derecho. It caught us by surprise, did about $1 billion in damage, and killed 13 people. And I was about

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