Parts of NSA's PRISM program declassified

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Parts of NSA's PRISM program declassified

“They” are the National Security Agency, and the Post report reveals that an N.S.A. program called Prism has, for the past six years, been “tapping directly into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies,

Former Department of Justice senior lawyer J. Christian Adams says: "Prism more catastrophic than #Benghazi #AP #IRS #FastandFurious #Blackpanthers combined. Not supposed to happen in USA." "Nothing federal

The top-secret NSA briefing presentation set out details of the PRISM program, which it said granted access to records such as emails, chat conversations, voice calls, documents and more. The presentation the listed dates when document collection began

The White House has said that it welcomes media interest in US surveillance practices, despite confirming that the Department of Justice is in the early stages of a leak investigation that may lead to criminal prosecutions of whistleblowers who

PRISM is real. Even the U.S. government now acknowledges its existence. The question that remains unanswered, though, is how involved Google, Apple, Yahoo, AO..

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