'The Purge': The Reviews Are In!

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'The Purge': The Reviews Are In!

Following in the footsteps of movies like "Straw Dogs" and "The Strangers," "The Purge" chronicles a family coming to terms with its own animalistic nature in a hypothetical future where the government legalizes all crime — including murder — for one

'The Purge,' known as a 12-hour window where all crime is legalized seems like a pretty scary reality. But underneath, the film creeps under your skin, according to recent reviews. Do you think you'll check out 'The Purge'?

The Purge suggests that a few short years from now American society will have solved crime and unemployment by allowing Brooks Brothers-clad American Psychos to roam the countryside hunting homeless people and the

The new thriller "The Purge" imagines a compromised but revitalized American future in which a yearly night of government-sanctioned law-breaking — murder even — gives a brutal-minded national soul therapeutic catharsis. Or, more accurately, it

Hawke and Headey play a husband and wife whose posh suburban lifestyle — usually shielded from the yearly "purge" (the aforementioned 12-hour crime free-for-all) literally by thick steel doors and concrete walls, and figuratively by their high-income

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