Tonys 2013: Watch Neil Patrick Harris' showstopping opener

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Tonys 2013: Watch Neil Patrick Harris' showstopping opener

Harris' opening act seemed a head scratcher at first: the comic number channeled the musical "Once" — a curious choice given that the show opened last season. But then Harris then segued into a medley that parodied the season's nominated musicals.

Neil Patrick Harris disappointed the Tonys audience when he said at the end of the live broadcast that there was no time for a final musical number. our editor recommends. Tonys: Neil Patrick Harris Mocks Shia LeBeouf, Mike

The Tonys opened with a Shia LaBeouf joke, a Mike Tyson cameo, acrobatics, and a magic trick in a big-enough-for-Radio City opening number led by host Neil Patrick Harris. Before his quick change into a tux, Harris came onstage dressed as the lead from

Beginning with an opening number by the impish showman and incomparable Tony host Neil Patrick Harris (please, CBS, make him sign a lifetime contract!), the telecast found ways of selling Broadway's wares to America while honoring the Great White

Bigger is DEFINITELY better! And no one does it bigger than Neil Patrick Harris, who as usual did an AH-Mazing job hosting the 2013 Tony Awards! Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the HIGHlarious, jaw-dropping opening number featuring more

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