IGN Poll Result: 75% Disappointed with Xbox One Reveal

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IGN Poll Result: 75% Disappointed with Xbox One Reveal

Curiously, Xbox One seems much better oriented to multitask, allowing you to run multiple programs simultaneously, say watching a movie, popping up a browser to view a trailer for that movie's in-theaters sequel, then navigating to check theater times

Confusion reigns in the wake of the Xbox One reveal yesterday. Cast an eye over the games news today, and there are conflicting reports about everything from shared accounts to pre-owned to the nature of the console's online requirement. The event

Well, I bet this isn't how Microsoft thought its big day would end.

Xbox One games will require a one-time activation code to use, but you'll still be able to trade and sell them online, Microsoft tells Kotaku—although we're not 100% clear on the details.

One question a lot of people are asking is "How much should Xbox One Cost?" Well on Podcast Unlocked this week we had a group of fans, Destin Legarie, Ryan McCaffrey and special guest Peter Molyneux on the show to talk about exactly that.

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