Thunder's Kevin Durant has new back tattoo that may have a typo

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Thunder's Kevin Durant has new back tattoo that may have a typo

It's also well-worth mentioning that Kevin Durant did not announce this donation. Rather, the Red Cross was the first to point out Durant's contribution (which was made through his personal charity arm, The Durant Family Foundation), with Kevin letting

There is one bad thing about this tattoo for Durant — "mature" in the final line appears to be spelled "mautre." It's an inspiring message for Durant, who just tasted an early playoff exit after teammate Russell Westbrook went down with a lateral

Wednesday night in Minnesota — where Durant was watching his childhood friend, former Forest Park High and University of Virginia star Monica Wright, play in the WNBA preseason playoffs — Durant spoke at length about the donation. And he did so while

Kevin Durant's back was almost completely covered in tattoos already and yesterday he inked up the last blank skin that was left. Durant calls his ink "business tattoos" because he's only inked in places that his jersey covers.

One day after a devastating tornado swept through Oklahoma, Kevin Durant has pledged $1 million to help the recovery efforts in the state. The tornado was classified as an EF4 by the National Weather Service, with winds between 166-200 miles per hour.

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